Why work with us at Surenity for Immigration Visas

Surenity’s Guarantee

At Surenity we guarantee that no errors will be made in your sponsor licence or visa application.  Your application will be completed and filed correctly the first time around.  We will ensure that you apply for the most appropriate sponsor licence or visa for you.  We will provide you with clarity on your legal position and provide you with on-going compliance support.  Above all, we will always act in your best interests.

Using an Immigration Solicitor vs Immigration Adviser

'Always Act in The Best Interests of Your Client' - That is the standard that lawyers are held to by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  Non-solicitors are not necessarily held to the same standard. We are obliged to put you first and are bound to keep confidential all our dealings with you.

Immigration solicitors have a complete understanding of the law that under pins the licensing and visa system.  This enables solicitors to craft applications in a way that is compliant and persuasive and ensures that your business remains compliant, guiding you through the maze of immigration legislation.

Immigration advisers are not necessarily highly trained legal experts, having a different training regime and regulation.  It is a matter of who you would prefer advising you or your business on your immigration matters?

The immigration process is not easy.  It’s time-consuming, stressful, every-changing and uncertain. Your application’s chance of success comes down to the training, skill and ability of your legal expert. Solicitors often have a statistically higher success rate, than some other advisers and individuals making their own applications.  

A solicitor’s natural skillset avoids errors and their knowledge and experience ensures that you are guided towards the most appropriate visa route for you.

It is true to say that immigration advisers are often less expensive than immigration solicitors.  That is because they do not have the overheads of an SRA regulated law firm.  If your key decision-making factor is expense, you may want to use a cheaper provider e.g. an immigration adviser.  

We believe your primary consideration should be for your application to be a) appropriate, b) without errors c) based on law and d) timely.

If an adviser makes a mistake on your sponsor licence application, the time that you have to wait to apply for another sponsor licence after a refusal varies depending on the reason for the refusal.

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