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You need a sponsor licence to grow your team and to meet the needs of your business. We are here to remove any obstacles and to obtain your sponsor licence as quickly as possible. We can also assist wherever you are based.

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You need a safe pair of hands to take this off your desk.  We'll handle the whole process for you. Paperwork, documentation and preparation – we've got it covered.

What is a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence allows UK-based companies to employ international skilled workers who are based overseas. However, before applying for a sponsor licence, you must ensure and confirm that the stringent visa conditions and deadlines are being met.

What are the eligibility requirements for a sponsor licence?

To be eligible to apply for a sponsor licence, your organisation must have a UK presence and be operating or trading lawfully in the UK.

If you are required to be registered with or inspected by a statutory body to operate lawfully in the UK, you will need to submit proof that you are registered with the correct body.

The Home Office must be satisfied that you are able to offer genuine employment in a skilled occupation and that you will pay the salary rate. As part of your licence application, you are taking on the responsibilities associated with being a sponsor licence holder.  This includes annual compliance obligations.

Why do you need an immigration solicitor?

For many industries – such as agriculture, tech, hospitality and finance – the ability to recruit talent from overseas is crucially important in meeting customer demands, working on innovative projects and the overall growth of the business.  Competition for overseas workers is also hotter than ever.

You need to ensure that any application you make is accurate, compliant and supported by the required documentation.  Any delay in obtaining your sponsor licence prevents your business from growing, whilst your competitors steal a march.

Once you have obtained your licence you still need to comply with a myriad of statutory obligations.

Do you know what they are?  No.  Why should you?  An immigration solicitor is trained in this area of law and will ensure that you remain compliant for the duration of the sponsor licence.

Our team of expert immigration solicitors will provide you with bespoke advice, tailored applications and take compliance out of your hands.  We’ve got your back!

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What happens next? Read our process:

Our Process

We’ll handle the whole thing for you. Paperwork, court preparation and appearances – we do it all. We’re on your side. We literally ‘have your back.’

1. Establish Your Needs

A 30-minute call with a solicitor to establish needs and actions

2. Onboarding

Engagement letter sent to you by email for e-signature and assignment of an expert solicitor to you

3. Follow Up Email

We will send you an email clarifying next steps and an estimate of costs


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How to Get in Contact

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today by simply calling us on +44 203 282 6675 or email us at info@surenity.co.uk and one of our employment solicitors will get back to you.

We specialise in employment law and have an excellent reputation across the country. We can assist wherever you are in the based and we also have offices in central London.

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