About Us

Surenity’s expert and experienced specialist lawyers, trained at multi-jurisdictional law firms, have
over a decade of experience, successfully defending hundreds of tribunal claims . Our lawyers deal
with tribunal cases every day - with a 95% success rate.

Surenity can help you resolve your employment and HR issues so that you can focus on everything else that is on your desk. Our team of experienced solicitors are here to guide you through the maze of employment legislation and caselaw and to provide you with clear, pragmatic advice that you can understand and to provide you with resolution.

We aim to deliver a first class service to you, to ensure we deliver on our core values of:

  • Providing high quality employment and HR advice
  • Providing pragmatic advice and achieving fantastic results

To achieve this, our team of expert employment solicitors have trained and worked and some of the biggest law firms in the world. The chances are that no matter how specific your issue is, one of our team has seen it before and will be able to provide you with simple to understand, bespoke advice.

We have offices in Farringdon, London and in Bristol. We also work remotely, so if you would rather meet via video call we would be happy to do so. Equally, we enjoy meeting our clients in person. It is up to you.

Surenity is part of the Ridgemont Group, an established brand of specialist boutique law firms that deliver pragmatic advice and fantastic results.

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