Employment Grievances

Our employment solicitors advise on grievances for either employers or employees. Employment law is complex, so it is vital that you have a team of experts on your side.

Our Process

We’ll handle the whole thing for you. Paperwork, court preparation and appearances – we do it all. We’re on your side. We literally ‘have your back.’

1. Pre-Call

Initial call to understand your requirements and how Surenity can help you

2. Establish Your Needs

A 30-minute call with a solicitor to establish needs and actions

3. Onboarding

Engagement letter sent to you by email for e-signature and assignment of an expert solicitor to you

4. Follow Up Email

We will send you an email clarifying next steps and an estimate of costs

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We have a wide range of experience in advising on the issues surrounding grievances at work and are therefore well placed to support employees and employers through the rules.

It is always advisable to seek an early resolution to disputes before things end up at tribunal or court, costing you more time and expense. Our employment solicitors are on hand to assist you with any employee or employer dispute that may arise in the workplace.

Free Initial Discussion 

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today by simply calling us on 0203 282 6675 or email us at info@surenity.co.uk and one of our employment solicitors will get back to you.

What is a Grievance?

A grievance is any concern, problem or complaint that an employee raises. It can relate to anything which is employment related.

A grievance can be made at any time if you believe your employer's actions to be unfair, or unjustified. 

It is usually advisable, where appropriate, to try and deal with grievances informally. If grievances cannot be dealt with informally, as a minimum standard, the formal Statutory Grievance Procedure must be followed.  

The employer should make employees aware of how to access their organisation’s code on grievances in the workplace and the procedure in making a formal grievance.   

Employers could face Tribunal proceedings against them if they fail to follow the Code of Practice when dealing with grievances. Failing to deal with grievances in a fair and reasonable manner can give rise to claims for constructive dismissal.

Types of grievance in the workplace

A grievance might relate to:

  • The job role itself and what the employee is expected to do
  • The employee is unhappy with their terms and conditions of employment
  • The way in which an employee feels that they are being treated at work, which might include feeling bullied, harassed, victimised or that they are in some way being discriminated against

All such grievances should be taken seriously however they are presented.

Best Selling Packages

Our charges are transparent, crystal clear.  We will always provide you with a fee estimate and often we are able to provide you with a fixed fee, if you prefer that.  Where we charge by an hourly rate our fees are based on £350 + VAT per hour for a senior employment specialist solicitor.  We do not compete on price, we compete on excellence.

Junior Employment Contract
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Standard clauses & 2 hours’ worth of revisions

Suitable for mid level junior employees

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95% of cases settle before hearing

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Signed Settlement Agreement for both parties

Employment Law – Employees

If you are employed, then at some stage you may yourself in a situation which is distressing and confusing to deal with. You may be unaware of your rights, but our specialist solicitors will help guide you and can explain your options.

The most common areas where we provide advice and expertise are:

  • Agreeing on redundancy terms
  • Dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Issues surrounding contracts of employment
  • Negotiating settlement agreements and severance terms
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Whistleblowing

Employment Law - Employers

Our team of expert employment solicitors specialise in providing swift and practical employment law and HR advice in a wide range of circumstances. The demands on businesses are far-reaching and frequently require specialist knowledge.

How Surenity Can Help

If you believe that you need employment advice or representation, then it is advisable to get in touch with an employment solicitor as soon as possible.

Surenity has a team of solicitors who are experienced in many different and complex employment matters. We understand the difficult circumstances that can come with making a claim. Our team will guide you through the process as quickly and simply as possible whilst helping you achieve the outcome you deserve.


“Surenity are sharp and commercially focused employment lawyers”.

Fix Flo

“We instructed Surenity to review our staff handbook and employment contracts. We were really happy with the service provided and felt that the work done added real value to our business”.

Edify Digital Media

“We instructed Surenity to provide us with employment law advice relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. The advice was easy to understand and pragmatic.”

Corporate Investigations

Recent Case Study

Ensuring Compliance and Resolving Headaches

We advised a client in the tech industry on allegations raised by an employee of inappropriate comments made by a line manager in the office.  The employee raised a grievance and stopped coming into work on the basis of the stress and anxiety caused by the events.  We had drafted our client’s staff handbook and we were able to guide the client through dealing with the grievances, culminating in disciplinary sanctions for the line manager and the employee feeling like they had been heard and that the matter had been dealt with fairly.  This avoided a potential employment tribunal claim, which would have been costly for the employer and a loss of management time.

How to Get in Contact

For a free initial discussion and a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today by simply calling us on +44 203 282 6675 or email us at info@surenity.co.uk and one of our employment solicitors will get back to you.

We specialise in employment law and have an excellent reputation across the country. We can assist wherever you are in the based and we also have offices in central London.

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